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About EduAnalytics (Ea)

Ea's Experience

The  common thread from 43 years of work experience across numerous industries, and 25 years in K-12 Education, is that the best solution is the insider's solution, not the consultant's solution. Analogous to the medical practice of ramping up a person's own immune system  to defeat disease, the consultant's job is to ramp up the clients own knowledge, skills, and networks; empowering them to achieve greater success.

Ea's Approach

Complex problems, opportunities, and needs are best addressed starting with rich context.  Islands of facts, people, and knowledge do not result in rich context.  Facts and people must be integrated and networked to innovate  lasting improvements and success.  We listen to your needs, then Research related context, Analyze related facts, and then we work with you to develop and execute a Solution, At Scale

Why Ea?

Success is seldom achieved alone.  EduAnalytics regularly teams with two other consulting firms with more than 110 years of experience across three principals.  We also network with other firms, small and large, to best match skills and manpower to your needs (see Team).  EduAnalytics maintains independence from  technology products utilized in solutions.  So, you know that we are representing your interests.